Tomasz Sikorski takes part in the work of the Warsaw Autumn Repertoire Committee.


2 September

Music to the ballet La escala de Jacob (Jacob’s Ladder) is premiered in Buenos Aires.


20 September

Homophony is premiered at the Warsaw Autumn by the Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eleazar de Carvalho.




Tomasz Sikorski marries Natalia Rosiewicz.

The composer continues his work for the Warsaw Autumn Repertoire Committee.


18 September

Premiere of Vox humana (Voix humaine) for mixed choir, 2 concertante pianos, 12 brass instruments, 4 gongs and 4 tam-tams at a Warsaw Autumn concert.



Tomasz and his wife Natalia Sikorska (née Rosiewicz) divorce.

The composer chairs meetings of the Warsaw Autumn Repertoire Committee.


4 March

Tomasz Sikorski dedicates his Monodia e Sequenza to his father. The dedication reads as follows: ‘To my dear Kabaś on his name day.’

Monodia e Sequenza

24 September

The National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andrzej Markowski premieres Holzwege.


30 November

Andrzej Wojakowski and the composer premiere Monodia e Sequenza for flute and piano.



Tomasz Sikorski chairs meetings of the Warsaw Autumn Repertoire Committee.


15 March

In Belgrade the Warsztat Muzyczny ensemble performs Without a Title for the first time.



Sikorski’s radio opera The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor is recorded by the Polish Radio.


8 August

Jean-Pierre Armengaud and the composer premiere Listening Music for two pianos in the French town of Saint Maximin.


9 September

Diaphony and Listening Music are performed for the first time in Poland at the 11th Music Festival in Bydgoszcz.


27 September

Without a Title has its Polish premiere during a Warsztat Muzyczny concert at the Warsaw Autumn.


5 November

Following a decision of the Minister of Culture and Art, Tomasz Sikorski becomes entitled to additional living area.




Sikorski’s radio opera The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor is played for the first time at the Contemporary Polish Music Festival in Wrocław.

For the third time Tomasz Sikorski is chair of the Warsaw Autumn Repertoire Committee. However, he ends his work for the Committee that year.


19 September

The Polish Radio and Television Choir and Orchestra in Kraków conducted by Giampiero Taverna take part in the premiere of Music from Afar during the Warsaw Autumn Festival.



Tomasz Sikorski receives a year-long scholarship under the Senior Fulbright Program and leaves for New York. At Princeton Electronic Music Center, Columbia, he produces Solitude of Sounds for tape.


20 September

Other Voices is premiered during the Warsaw Autumn. Instrumentalists from the National Philharmonic Orchestra are conducted by Wojciech Michniewski.



13 March

Solitude of Sounds is played for the first time at Florida State University, Tallahassee.


25 September

Sikorski’s Solitude of Sounds is presented in Poland for the first time at the Warsaw Autumn Festival.

Polish Television premieres Sikorski’s music to the ballet A Traveller in the Belly of the Stars.



24 September

Premiere of Sickness unto Death at the Warsaw Autumn, featuring Zbigniew Zapasiewicz and the composer.



23 September

The Scottish National Orchestra from Glasgow conducted by Andrzej Markowski, with the composer as the soloist, premieres Music in Twilight for piano and orchestra.



10 September

The Housing Department of the Warsaw District of Śródmieście orders Tomasz Sikorski to leave his flat at ul. Polna 40 and move to one three times as small at Pl. Konstytucji 2.

PCU's letter to the Housing Department

17 November

Hymnos  is premiered in Sabae, Japan, by Aki Takahashi, to whom Sikorski dedicated his work.

Tomasz Sikorski’s works are performed at the ISCM Festival in Athens.